Yoga Teacher

Clive Pugsley

01323 732024

Learning to leave our busy physical and emotional lives behind and truly relax is one of the most precious gifts we can teach ourselves. I hope I can guide people in a very practical way towards re-discovering this sense of inner calm through yoga.


I trained to teach in the Sivananda school of yoga with the most respected teachers of this tradition. I gained my qualification in 2004 and have been teaching classes since then – a total of more than four and a half thousand hours and counting …. !

My first interest in body / mind disciplines led me to practise karate, aikido and later tai chi and chi gong. I stumbled across yoga accidentally and it came as quite a surprise to me when almost immediately I had an amazing feeling I can only describe as coming home. That was the beginning of a passion that eventually led me to learn to teach yoga 14 years ago. Of course I cannot even begin to imagine life without yoga now.


Over the years I have integrated other approaches into my teaching, but my current classes owe everything to the training I have done in the last three years with Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, and Simon Low – all leading exponents of Yin Yoga - an approach (it is not a style or kind of yoga) which uses passive floor postures to work deeply into the body, nourishing and strengthening the web of connective tissue that wraps the joints while also enhancing the meridian and organ systems used in acupuncture and shiatsu. To balance this we also practise alignment-based flowing Yang sequences which are influenced by Qigong, Daoist and Tai-Chi teachings as well as by strong, flowing forms of yoga like Ashtanga.


My Sunday classes encompass the full spectrum of yin and yang yoga, whilst my weekly classes classes follow a similar sequence of supine, seated and standing postures each week which will become familiar very quickly if you are new to yoga. The classes will improve posture, strength, flexibility and balance. Some postures and movements are more physically challenging, others are more gentle and meditative providing a rounded practice to relax and energise.