Health Testing & Screening at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre


We offer a variety of Health Testing & Screening services at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre, here in Eastbourne.

  • Do you think you may be intolerant to certain foods?

  • Have an allergy but not sure exactly what it is too?

  • Feel tired all the time and want to find out why?

  • Want to know Exactly why you don’t feel like you want to feel?

The screening is simple, extremely fast and most of all highly accurate.


Unlike skin prick, elimination diets and challenge or patch testing, it is painless, non- invasive and there are no complications. Using a device connected to the computer, we are able to scan for all of the common food allergy and intolerance triggers during your one hour consultation, plus hundreds of other possible triggers such as pollens, chemicals etc.


May help to identify triggers to allergic responses, can also give an indication of possible nutritional deficiencies and problems such as candida or bacterial and viral infections.


Using the most up to date cutting-edge alternative health technology our health screening specialist Tracy Fuller can get to the bottom of why you are feeling like you feel.

Monica Huang - Accupuncturist

Tracy Fuller is a Naturopath & Weight Loss Coach. She also offers Allergy Testing, Food Intolerance Testing & Bio Resonance Screening