Yoga Teacher

Jan Styles

01323 732024

Suitable for beginners and those who want to create a healthy spine, improve posture, core stability and flexibility. All levels welcome as you will be shown variations of postures from simple to more advanced where appropriate. Experience flowing Energy Block Release sequences, asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation and meditation.  

Many students benefit from One to One Personalised sessions which include a detailed consultation to help you make the most of your practise, especially where there are additional health issues.

Discover the still (Dru) point of inner calm

  • Calm the mind and restore energy levels through yoga sequences and specialised breathing techniques

  • Activate your body’s innate self-healing process

  • Experience deep inner stillness

Dru is derived from the ancient Vedic word Dhruva which is the north star or ‘still point’ that emerges spontaneously whilst experiencing Dru yoga and meditation. The graceful, flowing sequences, guided breathing and visualisation promote the free flow of subtle energy. Dru yoga is firmly rooted in hatha yoga with classical postures and pranayama.

There are 5 stages within a full Dru Yoga Practice of which the Energy Block Release (EBR) is key to help relieve stress and tension from the whole body, bringing harmony and balance to mind, body and emotions. The EBR sequences are followed by traditional yoga postures (asana), controlled breathing (pranayama), deep relaxation and meditation.

This naturally flowing Tai Chi style of Dru yoga helps to free stress and tension from the body, whilst improving strength. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, especially those who respond well to the heart-centred, spiritual and meditative approach to their practise.

Call 01323 732024 to book your class or One to One session with Jan.

Personalised One to One Dru Yoga Sessions and Yoga Therapy Sessions

  • Improve posture, balance, flexibility and muscular strength.

  • Increase vitality and reduce fatigue through more conscious use of energy.

  • Feel emotionally balanced with yoga postures and techniques to practise at home.

  • Experience improved health of body, mind and spirit.

  • Learn how to calm the mind through conscious breathing and meditation.

Whether you are new to yoga or already have an established practise, one to one sessions will allow you the time and attention you need to discuss your personal health requirements and discover how yoga can be of benefit. Jan is always happy to answer concerns during class, but often a more detailed assessment is advisable to fully examine your posture,  alignment and balance of strength and flexibility.

Call 01323 732024 to book your class or One to One session with Jan.