Holistic Therapist

Janice Styles

07852 992150

Jan has held a life long interest in health and wellbeing, inspired by continual study of the link between mind, body and spirit. This has led to her many qualifications and experience as a practitioner of Holistic Therapies over the last 35 years. She has gained a deep understanding of how we create and experience both health and dis-ease in our lives. Jan offers an extensive range of treatments including:

- Fertility Massage 
- Aromatherapy
- Indian Head Massage 
- Natural/organic facials
- Numerology, Colour and Sound Therapy
- Reiki 

Please click on essenseholistic.co.uk to contact Jan directly to discuss and book your appointment. 

Jan has been teaching Dru yoga since 2009 specialising in yoga therapy for back care. Her classes are inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda which is an ancient healing science that helps to restore balance naturally. One to one yoga sessions are highly recommended as a therapy or to deepen your practise. 

Yoga and meditation classes are offered on the following days:

Tuesday 6.00 pm
Wednesday 10.40 am
11.50 am
1.30 pm

Thursday 4.45 pm
Friday 1.30 pm

Please see website for full details. 

As a Registered BSY (British School of Yoga) Holistic Diagnosis Skills Practitioner, Jan offers a balanced perspective with the ability to advise clients which complementary therapies would be of value and when medical intervention is necessary. This is incorporated into her work as a Holistic Fertility Therapy Practitioner where she offers guidance for couples who are struggling to conceive.  

An earlier career in Paediatric Nursing during her thirties has given Jan the experience and confidence to work alongside doctors and other health professionals through gaining  experience in conventional medicine.