Tai Chi Teacher

Lynne Wood

01323 732024

I’ve been teaching Tai Chi with Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre since it opened in 2001.


My aim is to share Tai Chi with you – classes are relaxed and informal, there’s no pressure to learn, take your time learning at your own pace. All levels are welcome, with experienced students always keen to offer help encouragement to beginners.


My training began purely by accident after reading the health section in a daily paper 20 years ago. At the time I was looking for something more than just an exercise class, and, although never having previously considered martial arts, out of curiosity found a class just starting and went along to find out more. From the very first session I knew I’d found what I’d been looking for. Fortunately, from the beginning training included all aspects of Tai Chi: hand forms, pushing hands and applications, with the balance of yin/yang explained and demonstrated throughout. I found the idea of being still while moving (stillness in motion) and at the same time learning martial art applications fascinating, truly yin/yang.


My training is constant and ongoing always learning yet more and more about the amazing art of Tai Chi while at the same time recognising just how much more there is to learn.




Level 7 Wudang Style, Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Registered Advanced Instructor with TCUGB



San Shuiping Qigong Level 3



Diploma 2003



Level 3 Diploma 2005