Mark Killick - Clinical Nutrition Coach

Clinical Nutrition Coach

Mark Killick

Take Control of your Health and Your Life
“Are you ready to find health, vitality, happiness and balance in your life?”

Many health issues go unresolved. People just 'live with it', and spend life suffering from constant pain, no energy, ongoing battles with weight, poor digestion, or just unhappiness!

My practice of adaptive nutrition asks WHY have things gone wrong;

Why do you have a bloated belly?

Why are you constipated?

Why do your joints hurt?

Why are you depressed?

It's not about the WHAT, in other words, the label attached to your condition, such as IBS or arthritis. Instead, I want to know what has gone wrong and how to fix it.

For instance, imagine that you're sitting on 10 nails and you've been diagnosed with a pain in your bum! Under conventional medicine you may be prescribed paracetamol to numb the pain. Using adaptive nutrition, I'd remove the nails!

My name is Mark Killick, and I'm a fully qualified nutritional therapist and trained coach that helps correct biological and psychological imbalances through nutritional intervention and mind/lifestyle changes.

A consultation with me at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre provides a deep investigation of the health issues that you are presenting. The symptoms be they physical, emotional or behavioural are fully examined and explored in an initial 1.5-hour consultation. The consultations are completely tailored to you for the fastest results.

The result of the consultation is a complete bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programme for you to follow.

You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire prior to your consultation which will include a 7-day food diary. The questionnaire enables me to understand you; what’s happening in your life and what has gone before.

The consultation process provides you with an analysis of what’s happening in your body and helps you understand why symptoms are showing up as they are.

Together we then build the program to restore your natural health and balance. Your unique rebalancing strategy is created in the following way:

Healthy food plan
Biochemical rebalancing
Movement plan
Lifestyle and wellbeing blueprint

“By understanding the whole of you, I can help you make the small change that makes the massive difference.”

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Mark Killick - Clinical Nutrition Coach

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