Nutrition at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre


Many health issues go unresolved. People just 'live with it', and spend life suffering from constant pain, no energy, ongoing battles with weight, poor digestion, or just unhappiness!

Whether you want to get your health back, lose weight, feel 10 years younger or have a full body screen – Nutritional Therapy can help you do this.

Nutritional Therapy specialises in the following:

  • Low Energy

  • Menopausal and hormonal issues

  • Weight Loss

  • Digestive disorders including IBS, Candida, reflux, constipation and Crohn’s Disease

  • ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Sports Nutrition

Monica Huang - Accupuncturist

Tracy Fuller is a Naturopathic Nutritionist & Weight Loss Coach. She also offers Allergy Testing, Food Intolerance Testing & Bio Resonance Screening

Monica Huang - Accupuncturist

Mark Killick is a Clinical Nutrition Coach