“How is your immunity”?

April 22, 2020

What a gorgeous weekend it was!  I hope you managed to get some sunshine.  

Are your children going back to their "virtual school" today?  One of my daughters is, whereas the other has a long time to wait to see how she got on with her non-GCSE's!

Our lovely Pilates instructors have been continuing keeping our members fit and active with the regular online sessions. They’ve been so well supported and even more members have taken up the challenge of 2 sessions a week. Everyone is welcome and for those with Pilates memberships on hold, go to our website and sign up there.


We’d love to hear from you.  What have you been doing to stay active? There are lots of novel ways folks are using things around the house as exercise equipment. One lovely Pilates client last week used very large pebbles, not of equal weight I might add!

Are you gradually making your way through your kitchen cupboards and freezers and coming up with some healthy creations?  It always interesting here cooking for vegans, a pescatarian and a fussy carnivore.

How is your immune system?

Hopefully you have been getting into the sun as exposing your skin to 20 minutes of sunshine a day (without suncream) gives your immune system an amazing boost with Vitamin D.  I supplement with this daily anyway as I feel that we don't get enough in this country.  

When we talk about the COVID-19 virus we are entering into uncharted waters, however, many top doctors have suggested that a robust immune system may protect you from this virus. Well not actually protect...you can still get it, but if the immune system is working well, strong and robust, you (your immune system) has more chance of fighting it off. You may have it but your symptoms won’t be as severe. In fact, a major hospital in New York is now administering high dose vitamin C IV therapy, which is a potent immune booster, to help combat the COVID-19 virus, and they have seen great results.

So to explain further

I like to think of our immune system as our ‘Knight in shining armour. It is our shield, our defence mechanism against illness and disease - disease is the blade that cuts deep into our body and attacks it. The shield is our protector that holds out and rescues us - it is our health. That’s it made simple by the way.

In reality, the immune system is extremely complex, and supporting, building, improving, and/or repairing it, is not all about taking a whole cocktail of different nutraceuticals and botanicals. It’s so much more than that. Yes, supplements and bioidentical hormones are one of the keys to building a strong and robust immune system. And in fact, hormones (natural hormones not HRT ) is the most single independent factor to an optimal-working immune system. However, they are not the only health steps you can take. In fact, immune system health is a lifestyle!

There a number of strategies we can do and something that should be followed at all times if you want to remain healthy and have a robust immune system:

  • Good sleep

  • Proper diet and

  • nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Physical activity at appropriate levels

  • Emotions (crying and laughing)

The truth of the matter is if you are fatigued all the time, if you catch colds and flu easily…if you have food sensitivities, if you have digestive issues, these are all signs our immune system, and therefore, our health is below optimal.

I hope you are looking after yourself and your immunity during this time.

All the very best in health.


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